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Tools, or things that go bang.

I spent a lot of time over the holidays with my father in law, doing what men do best. Romp around the out doors, shooting guns at targets. Most people consider guns to be weapons, and of course, the more expensive and pretty the better. And by pretty, I mean make sure it’s super shiny, it only comes out of the case once a week if that, and is part of a collection of 20+ other guns you don’t shoot very often.

Guns are not weapons. They are tools. Dangerous tools, perhaps, but tools none the less. When a man goes to work he often takes tools with him. A knife, a hammer, a saw. Perhaps some pliers. Every tool has a use, every tool made for something specific. From the dawn of time men have made their own tools, using flint, bronze, iron, steel. When a man builds a house, He chooses tools that suite his needs. He might need that hammer and saw, nails, measuring implements. A tool is needed zero percent of the time until it is needed a hundred percent. You won’t need your saw until you have to cut wood. You won’t need the hammer until you have to pound some nails, a shovel until you need to dig dirt.

The point is, You take the tools you need just in case. You won’t need them until you need them. I carry three things on me at all times: A pistol, a multi-tool, and a good knife. Not all of them are needed. sometimes at work I need a pair of pliers or a screwdriver, so I pull out the multi-tool. Sometimes I need to cut something, so out comes the knife. I have yet to need the pistol, but it is there just in case.

A man’s job is to protect his family, his children, his home. A man’s job, his Duty, is to come home safely to his family. The world has always been a dangerous place, regardless of time. Perhaps you might have used a spear, a sword, a bow.  Sometime you might need that pistol. If you leave your tools at home, you won’t have them when you need them. I carry a gun because it is my duty to get home safely.  You never need a tool until you need it.